Training & Courses

We understand that investing in your teams' knowledge base and keeping them safe is a top priority in an industrial and commercial environment.  They directly impact productivity and your ability to achieve production goals, which is why PHI offers a variety of trainings and courses in Industrial Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Safety throughout the year. 

Different trainings and courses are geared towards specific topics in Industrial Hydraulics and Pneumatics environment, which are perfect for:

  • Plant Engineers / Maintenance Personnel
  • Mechanics / Technicians
  • Design & Mechanical Engineers
  • Anyone working with Hydraulic or Pneumatic Systems

PHI tailors courses specifically for our customers to get the most value.  We even administer them in Spanish upon request and based on interest - just email and let us know!

Available Courses

Customized Courses

PHI understands that investing in your employees is an important part of your business' success.  That's why we offer a customized course service.

We can customize a course to fit your needs based on your specific plant systems and applications so your employees get the most out of the course.

If interested, email and let us know so we can help you plan a custom course and/or training.