Custom Kitting Services and Assemblies

Making Custom Hose Assemblies in the PHI Warehouse - Progressive Hydraulics Inc
PHI provides custom Kitting Services and Assemblies that put components and sub-assemblies (hose/tube assemblies, manifold/valve assemblies, cylinder assemblies, etc.) together in kits for customers. 

All components and sub-assemblies are labeled and packaged neatly together with a list detailing parts and quantities for your convenience.  Whether you need basic to the most complex kits with multiple assemblies, PHI delivers kit solutions to help you meet performance goals.

Kitting Service and Assemblies Benefits

Our Kitting Services and Assemblies eliminate non-value added activities and increased costs in four different areas: Inventory, Receiving, Purchasing and Assembly.

The true value that our customers receive from PHI's Kitting Services and Assemblies are:

1. Convenience
Kits and assemblies are assigned one part number instead of multiple part numbers for each individual part.  The unique part number assigned to the kit includes all the components and/or sub-assemblies so Purchasing can order a single line item.

2. Efficiency
Customers save time in different areas of their business by using PHI's Kitting Service:

  • Shortens Receiving Time  - Only 1 Part Number vs. Multiple
  • Simplifies Inventory Management - Reduces Amount of Parts to Manage
  • Increases Productivity - Pull a Box Stored in 1 Area vs. Finding Individual Parts in Various Spots
  • Cuts Assembly Time - Kits Can Be Customized to Include Pre-Assembled Items
All of these time saving efficiencies improve productivity when doing these tasks.

3. Saving Money
Another important value to our customers is reducing Total Procurement Cost (TPC), which affects Purchasing's internal cost.  Since multiple parts and/or sub-assemblies are placed in one kit and assigned one unique part, Purchasing can order one line item numerous line items for each individual part.

For example:  If it costs Purchasing $25/line item and you have 10 items in a kit, your internal cost is $250.  But if you had 1 kit that included all those items in that part number, you would have saved $240 on your internal costs.

All of these benefits simply invoicing and purchase orders to help customers run their businesses efficiently.  Plus, our process is simple so you can start saving time and money right away.

Our Design Process: How To Get Started

Complete Kit With Different Parts & Sub-Assemblies - Progressive Hydraulics Inc.Now that you understand PHI's true value of our Kitting Services and Assemblies, getting started with the design process is simple and customized to your specifications:

  1. Establish a Bill of Materials - Identify Items & Quantities
  2. Identify Packaging Requirements - Define Custom Tagging/Labeling
  3. Specify Sub-Assemblies - Decide On Pre-Assembled Items
  4. Get Custom Quote

It's that simple!  Get started by sending us a request for a kitting and assemblies quote by filling out our simple form today and one of our Sales Team Members will reach out to discuss your needs. 

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