Parker Tracking System (PTS)

Parker's PTS Bundle - Progressive Hydraulics Inc
The Parker Tracking System (PTS) is an asset management solution that drives productivity, efficiency and reliability of your industrial equipment.

Parker designed PTS to optimize the speed and accuracy of component replacements on your equipment to diminish costly equipment downtime and maximize valuable uptime.

Power Of The PTS Label

The Parker Tracking System helps achieve uptime goals by labeling components with critical information to manage assets, such as:

  • All Customer Information
  • Bill of Material (Components, Accessories, Orientation, Dimensions, Lot #, Specifications, etc.)
  • Application Data (VIN, Assembly Date, Fluid/Environmental Data, System Information, Installation Location, etc.)
  • Replacement Details & History
  • Customized Instructions for MRO Activities
  • File Attachments (Prints, Certifications, Photos, Drawings, etc.)

Parker Tracking System tags can then be easily scanned with the PTS Mobile App (iPhone & Android) to get an overview of component condition and approaching replacement date.

PTS also works with different operational and statistical tools including:

  • Custom Exported PDF & Excel Reports
  • User Profile Permissions
  • Bill of Materials/Equipment Platform KIT Feature
  • Inspection & Maintenance Planning (Inspection Templates & Maintenance History Reports)

This simple yet robust solution empowers fabricators, operators and maintenance teams to be proactive in extending machinery uptime, improving operational efficiency and managing the health of their equipment.

Scanning PTS Barcodes with the PTS Mobile App - Progressive Hydraulics Inc.

Parker Tracking System Benefits

The Parker Tracking System isn't just a label - It's a power system that helps optimize your operations to increase output and is applicable to different applications.  The true value of PTS lies in:

1. Proactive Maintenance Planning & Inspection
Hundreds of parts for various machines can be time consuming and overwhelming to manage.  With PTS, teams can conveniently pull up records of all their assets in an organized way for better equipment utilization.   Plus, it helps to keep compliant for any safety and maintenance programs.

2. Scalable Operational Efficiency
Since your team has more control over asset management, they can operate their industrial equipment at an optimal level and scale production effectively without losing quality.

3. Easily Accessible Integrated Solution
The Parker Tracking System is a powerful solution that is web-based with a supported app to easily scan tags to order or pick up replacements, get component history and schedule inspections for maintenance on the fly. 

Since there's no complicated implementation like traditional software, set up and ramp up time is easy.  Plus, information about equipment and components are stored on a secured cloud that's accessible anywhere.

How To Get Started With PTS

Getting started with the Parker Tracking System is simple with our 3 step process: 

  1. Schedule A Call - Understand Your Specific Needs
  2. Select A PTS Solution - Identify The Right Solution
  3. Start Using PTS!

Just fill out the form above to schedule a call with someone from our Sales Team so we can learn more and understand how PTS will help you.  

Feel free to check out our other services for Custom Hose Assemblies, Kitting Services, Vendor Managed Inventory and ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR®!

PTS Mobile App: What You Can Do

PTS Mobile App - Progressive Hydraulics Inc PTS Mobile App - Progressive Hydraulics IncParker made a convenient, easy to use PTS Mobile App to have your asset management at your fingertips anywhere, any time. 

 You can do the following from your iPhone or Android:

  • Get Product DetailPictures, Bill of Material, Location Info, Specifications, etc.
  • Complete Service & History
  • Product Registration - Quickly add assets by scanning a barcode
  • Find A Distributor - Call ahead with the PTS # & pick it up at our ParkerStore™ Locations
  • Access Digital Documents - Product Guides, Certificates, etc.
  • Fast Swap - Quick & Easy Product Replacement
  • Service Notifications - Via Email or In-App for scheduled, coming soon or past due service
  • Schedule Replacements - Set Reminders for critical maintenance

You can learn more by visiting Parker's dedicated PTS site or download the PTS Brochure.