Lube & Filtration Systems

Fluid Power & Motion Control Solutions for Industrial Applications
Large Filtration System - Progressive Hydraulics Inc.

Progressive Hydraulics designs and builds Lube and Filtration Systems for industrial applications to extend the service life of your equipment or it's components and optimize the reliability of your machine.  The Lube and Filtration Systems and products we offer are:

Lubrication Systems/Products

  • Dual-Line Systems
  • Lubrication Controls & Monitoring Systems
  • Orifice Systems
  • Piston Distributor Systems
  • Series Progressive Systems
  • Air/Oil & Mist Systems
  • Centralized Pumps & Pump Packages

Filtration Systems/Products

  • Filtration/Flushing Skids
  • Bearing Lube Filtration Systems
  • Vacuum Dehydration Purification Systems
  • Portable Filtration Systems
  • Coalescing Air & Gas Filtration
  • Coolant Filtration Systems

Our team can determine the correct lubrication delivery and pumping solution for your application as well as provide filtration systems or filtration components that would properly clean your hydraulic, pneumatic, gas, water or coolants system.

PHI believes in designing lubrication systems with high quality components, which is why we are the exclusive DropsA Distributor in NJ, NY & CT metro area.  Download this DropsA Brochure to learn more about the Lubrication System Solutions Specialists.

Whether you need our Engineering and Fabrication Teams to work with you on designing and building a custom system or purchase lube and filtration systems and/or products, we can boost your industrial equipment life and reduce repairs.

Predictive Maintenance's True Value

Experts determined that 80% of system failures are a result of fluid contamination, which would contribute to costly unplanned downtime and drop in productivity.  That's why at PHI, we understand why Predictive Maintenance is a top priority for our customers. 

Progressive Hydraulics' team is here to help you stay ahead of the curve by offering lube and filtration system solutions that focus on efficiency and extending industrial equipment cycle runs before Planned Maintenance.  The benefits of less Planned Maintenance events include:

  • Fewer Shutdowns 
  • Reduced Production Losses 
  • Lower Repair Costs For Spare Parts
  • Less Man-Hours on Repairs

Tell us about what you need by filling out our simple form so our sales team can contact you and discuss your needs.

30, 50, 75 GPM Insulating Oil Filters System - Progressive Hydraulics Inc.

Why Choose PHI?

We have over 50 years of experience in lube and filtration system design, fabrication and products servicing customers in several industries including Industrial Equipment, Military, Power Generation and Transportation.

PHI also holds a Parker® Hydraulic Technology Center Status requiring us to adhere to a high level of service and component quality standards.  In addition, our Saddle Brook, NJ fabrication facility is ISO 9001 Certified

Our commitment to customers is to provide top notch service and expertise when solving your engineering or productivity challenges, which is why you should read what our satisfied customers had to say about us.