Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): The True Value

Vendor Managed Inventory in a Store Stocked with Parker Parts - Progressive Hydraulics Inc
Progressive Hydraulics offers Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services for customers who want to transform their inventory management.

Our VMI Programs help reduce costs related to Inventory, Purchasing and Procurement while increasing efficiencies.

Utilizing a VMI Program is a cost saving solution that gives you better visibility into your product consumption and productivity to maintain a healthy business.

Vendor Managed Inventory Benefits

This lean approach helps customers achieve improved inventory control, which result in lower operating costs and better cash flow.

The main benefits our customers experience from participating in a VMI Program include:

1. Reduced Costs
Our Certified Connector Specialists would help lower operating and carrying costs from:

  • Smarter Inventory Management - Ordering &  Forecasting Accuracies
  • Eliminate Stockouts - Fewer Costly Emergency Orders 
  • Planned Stock Replenishment - Improved Min/Max Quantity Maintenance
  • Streamlined Procurement - Less Transactional Costs

2. Increased Productivity
Since our Team comes to your location on an established schedule to manage inventory, your team can focus their attention on more value added activities that enhance customer service while also being efficient.  

3. Short/No Lead Times
Leaner inventory control paired with scheduled visits helps reduce lead-time because we manage everything for you.  Since everything is monitored, managed and planned for you, lead time can be reduced to almost next to nothing.

Vendor Managed Inventory helps you optimize operations and save money.  Learn more about how it works to begin the process today.

VMI Program Set Up: Getting Started

Vendor Manage Inventory Organized Parts Shelves - Progressive Hydraulics Inc.Every Vendor Managed Inventory Program is different, which is why our VMI programs are customized to fit your needs. 

Here's how our VMI program works:

  1. On-Site Consultation - Verify VMI Program Eligibility
  2. Evaluate Needs - Identify Components & Required Quantity Levels
  3. Determine On-site Visit Schedule - Decide On Visit Frequency For Replenishment & Inventory Management 

In addition to our simple 3 step set up, PHI provides custom labels for each part to include:

  • Manufacturing Part #
  • Description
  • Picture of Item
  • Bar Code

We'll work with you to make sure your VMI Program helps you achieve your inventory goals and maintain an optimal min-max quantity for each item. 

Whether your goal is to optimize your operations or improve better inventory control, PHI is the right partner.

Get started by scheduling a call with PHI to assess your needs by filling out our simple form today.  One of our Sales Team Members will contact you to discuss how we can help. 

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