Hydraulic Power Units

Precision Designed Fluid Power Solutions For Your Application
60 Gallon Redundant HPU System With Two 7.5 HP Motors - Progressive Hydraulics Inc.

Progressive Hydraulics designs and fabricates Hydraulic Power Units (HPU’s) to meet customers’ needs. Each HPU is designed by PHI’s Fluid Power Certified Engineers and constructed in our Saddle Brook, NJ fabrication facility that is ISO 9001 Certified.

All of the engineering data and documentation will be provided before manufacturing begins to ensure the design meets your needs.

Utilizing the most current 3-D modeling and SolidWorks® CAD software packages provide full design clarity and helps facility planning. After fabrication, your custom unit will be tested and shipped with a standard 1 year warranty.

PHI has produced hydraulic power units for
many industries including Military, Infrastructure, Industrial Equipment, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing.

Most of our HPU’s are powered by electric motor with on-board oil reservoir, pumps, valves, filters, heaters and coolers packaged as one piece skids. Other available HPU’s are powered by Diesel, Gasoline and Natural Gas engines.

Get started by filling out our simple form and someone from our team will contact you to discuss your needs.

If you only need to replace components or in need more than an HPU - No problem!  We can get you a Free hydraulic component quote or an engineered system RFQ - just tell us what you need and any requirements so our engineers or sales team can contact you.

What To Expect: Our Process

At PHI, customer experience is a top priority for us and we believe in working with your team to solve engineering and productivity challenges.

In order for us to effectively provide the right services and solutions, we have a simple process to ensure a quality experience broken down into 6 phases:

HPU Phase 1 Discovery - Progressive Hydraulics IncPhase 1: Discovery
This phase starts off by telling us about your needs for a Hydraulic Power Unit or challenges you are facing.  We'll need to know the following to provide solutions:

- Application Use
- Specific Requirements
- Goals & Desired Results  

Our engineers will evaluate your specific needs and identify any additional variables that need to be considered during our second phase, which is the Proposal.

HPU Phase 2 Proposal- Progressive Hydraulics IncPhase 2: Proposal
Our team will research and develop a high-level proposal with specifications, cost, quote and timeline that will outline our solution. We send this for your feedback and modify it as needed before moving on to the Planning phase.

HPU Phase 3 Planning- Progressive Hydraulics IncPhase 3:  Planning
Once we fully understand your needs and requirements, our team will propose a plan and design an HPU that includes the following so everyone is on the same page:

- Schematics
Bill of Material
- Milestones & Deadlines
- Quote
- 3D Modeling (*Available Per Request)

 After all parties review the proposed plan and approves it, PHI will start the next phase of Fabrication.

HPU Phase 4 Fabrication - Progressive Hydraulics IncPhase 4:  Fabrication
Our engineering and fabrication team work together to build the approved design of your custom Hydraulic Power Unit.

During Fabrication, if components need to change for optimal performance, we'll update schematics and documentation with the changes and notify the appropriate parties of the modifications.

HPU Phase 5 Testing - Progressive Hydraulics IncPhase 5:  Testing
Before any of our Hydraulic Power Units get set out, we test the HPU to ensure the unit works and performs with no issues.

After testing is complete, we paint the unit the requested color and get it ready to ship to you.

HPU Phase 6 Close - Progressive Hydraulics IncPhase 6:  Close
At this phase, we ship your custom Hydraulic Power Unit with a manual and any other hydraulic components needed for installation that were detailed in the Bill of Materials and/or Quote.

Start Up Assistance Services during Installation on-site is available if needed.

Vertical Hydraulic Power Unit - Progressive Hydraulics Inc.

How To Get Started

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