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Give me SMART SUSPENSION or give me DEATH...? - Progressive Hydraulics Inc

Give me Smart Suspension or give me death…?

How Parker’s Smart Suspension sparked a road revolution, unlocking peak vehicle performance for Coach and Bus Fleet Operators [VIDEO] Watch how Parker Smart Suspension works Patrick Henry, a gifted orator, founding father and first governor of Virginia, famously declared “Give...

Repair vs. Replace - When does it make more "cents" to replace an old HPU? - Progressive Hydraulics Inc

To replace or not to replace (an old hydraulic power unit)…?

When does replacing an old HPU make more “$ense”? There is a time in every company’s production life when they come to a lifecycle crossroads.  When an old hydraulic power unit (HPU) becomes more of a headache than a trusted...

Parker ToughShield Plus Standard Plating on Fittings - Progressive Hydraulics Inc

Combat Corrosion with Parker’s ToughShield™ Plus Plated Fittings

Parker’s new zinc-nickel (Zn-Ni) plating is now standard on all steel tube fittings and adapters. Corrosion is one of the most destructive chemical reactions that happen naturally, causing significant environmental, financial, and safety problems. Once corrosion starts to spread, it’s...