PHI Partners with Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp.

Nex Flow X PHI Distribution Partner Announcement - Progressive Hydraulics Inc

Canadian Compressed Air-Operated Product Specialist expands PHI’s offering to customers.

Progressive Hydraulics announced a distribution partnership with Canadian manufacturer Nex Flow™ Air Products Corp. at the end of 2020.

It was a natural decision to partner with Nex Flow because their expertise mirrored PHI’s fluid power and connector experience.

In addition, both organizations shared the same core value of delivering superior service and solutions to customers.

Innovation As A Focus

The catalyst for Nex Flow to design and deliver quality products was the need to uncover the truth about using compressed air for blow-off, cooling and conveying versus other technologies.

Founder Les Rapchak’s over 40 years of experience servicing customers shed a light on an opportunity to improve what was currently in the marketplace.

With 30 of those years in specialty compressed air products, Nex Flow could focus on innovation and offering unique technologies that utilized compressed air for blow-off, cooling and conveying in industrial applications.

Making Secure Partnerships

PHI has been a fluid power specialist for various industries in NJ, NY and CT for over 50 years and a trusted fluid connector supplier for our customers.

Part of our success was securing partnerships that not only provide robust functionality that meets specific requirements but real value that positively affects our customers’ business.

What’s In It For Our Customers?

Customers now have the assurance of having a compressed air specialist on hand to help identify areas in their workflow, where they can increase production and optimize their energy efficiency.

Making calculated decisions on which technologies to utilize will become easier when you’ve got the technical experience to help achieve your production goals.

Compressed Air Products That Transform Workflows

Nex Flow Compressed Air-Operated Products distributed by Progressive Hydraulics Inc.

Progressive Hydraulics and Nex Flow are proud to offer customers better compressed air-operated technologies for unique applications including blow-off, cooling, conveying and cleaning such as:

  • Air Knives / Air Blades
  • Flat Jets / Air Edgers
  • Air Wipes / Circular Air Knives
  • Amplifiers
  • Vortex Coolers

There are several other compressed air products and solutions that can help transform and optimize your workflow.

Feel free to contact us for more information on compressed air product solutions by calling 973-298-6299 or email

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