Murphy’s Law In Pneumatics: How It Spawned A Stock Cylinder Program Focusing On Days vs. Weeks Lead Times

Murphy's Law In Pneumatics: How It Spawned A Stock Cylinder Program Focusing On Days vs. Weeks Lead Times

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

– Murphy’s Law


Unanticipated Chaos In The Making

Many people have heard this adage – and probably experienced it all too well at times:

  • Engineering designs a machine >> Calculations are off by a hairline & it doesn’t turn on
  • Procurement finalizes an order >> Overseas supply chain gets disrupted & lead times turn into months
  • Plant schedules maintenance >> Equipment malfunctions unexpectedly & downtime affects production

All hell breaks loose, pandemonium ensues and wreaks havoc in a never-ending nightmare of an ordeal – at the most inopportune moments.

We’ve all been there. And done that – Countless times. There’s only so much you can do to handle everything with grace because…what can you do?

How do you prepare for unanticipated chaos?

Conventional wisdom tells you to take everything in stride, which is savvy, somewhat fluffy advice. But everyone knows, you still need to find a clear solution that fixes everything ASAP at the right price – Did anyone say accountability…?

When Murphy Appears, Strike Back

Whether you’re in the food, pharmaceutical, OEM, manufacturing or any other commercial industries, you’ll encounter Murphy.

He could show up when you least expect it in the form of a broken cylinder after only 100,000 strokes.

Or maybe show up unexpectedly in an overlooked machine design flaw when production is pretty much on – whatever the case may be, you just need a cylinder. FAST.

That’s when you show Murphy up by reaching out to a trusted partner who knows how to provide the support you need in times like these – like Progressive Hydraulics! #shamelessplug

Cue Parker® Same-Day Shipping Program

For Stock Pneumatic Cylinders

Manufacturers like Parker® understand the value of delivering quality products to customers in a timely fashion. Especially when Murphy decides to pay surprise visits during normal operations or obstruct supply chains and increase downtime.

Parker® set up shop in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio to manufacture and stock certain pneumatic cylinders and created their Same-Day Shipping Program to help alleviate their customers’ production woes.

Customers can now order the following pneumatic cylinders by 10 am EST to get Same-Day Shipping:

But what if Murphy throws a wrench in your whole plan because you have custom configured cylinders?

Fortunately, Parker® had the foresight to think of this scenario and came up with its Same Day Ship Configurable Cylinder Program – which also has a Same-Day Ship feature.

Bright Idea #2: The Parker® Same Day Ship Configurable Cylinder Program

For Configurable Pneumatic Cylinders

Not everything is cookie cutter and easy as we’d like to have things – Who doesn’t want simplicity?

Sometimes great things need custom things – which also means if Murphy appears, finding a solution involves a tad more effort.

The Program offers Same-Day Shipping on orders placed by 10 am EST for configurable pneumatic cylinders depending on your requirements for an additional expedite fee – Tap on the brochure for more info on the process.

Moral Of The Story: Embrace Murphy

You can plan for 100 different disaster scenarios but there’s always that one scenario where Murphy’s Law occurs and ruins ev-er-y-thing.

Luckily, Parker® realized they could do something immensely valuable for their customers. They created programs that offered faster solutions to costly pneumatic cylinder problems caused by Murphy’s Law.

To learn more about the U.S. manufactured and stocked Parker® Pneumatic Cylinder Program or Lead Reduction Program, email Hydraulics and Pneumatics Parker® Distributor PHI at or call 800-447-4409 to speak with our customer service team members to help place your order.

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