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Parker’s FastSeal™ Technology makes leak-free O-ring face seal (ORFS) tube connections possible with a wrench

You’re on-site and you need to get tube connections repaired. Nothing new – things happen.

But when it does happen, that unplanned downtime affects project timelines and the old adage “time equals money” rings all too true.

In the past when tube connections needed repair, you’d most likely have two options:

  1. Go off-site to a tube assembly specialist (more downtime) OR
  2. Buy special equipment to have on-site (more expensive)

What if – you had a third option that was faster, easier and more budget-friendly?

What if – the only tool you needed to make an ORFS tube connection was a wrench?

Seems highly unlikely but Parker’s FastSeal™ Technology makes it possible.

Parker FastSeal™ Benefits To The Rescue

Parker’s new patent-pending and leading-edge FastSeal™ technology makes on-site hydraulic tube connections fast and easy – Benefits include:

  • Fast, Leak-Free ORFS Connections – No braze or flange required
  • Reduced Downtime – Make connections anywhere
  • Lower Installation Costs – No extra equipment, only a wrench

When you need robust leak-free tube connections, count on FastSeal™ to save you time and money on-site.

How FastSeal™ Works in 3 Easy Steps

FastSeal™ combines a ferrule (bite-ring) and sleeve together with innovative seal dynamics.

When the fitting is assembled to a tube end with a wrench, it presets the sleeve onto the tube for a permanent leak-free flat-face ORFS tube connection. All you’ll need to do is:

  1. Mark the tube
  2. Insert it into the fitting
  3. Tighten it with a wrench

Watch this 2-minute video to see how FastSeal™ works.

FastSeal™ Resources

Below is more information including a FastSeal™ Brochure, Tube Assembly step-by-step tutorial PDF and FastSeal™ Tube Assembly Tutorial video.

For more details, you can also go to Parker’s FastSeal™ page for troubleshooting tips or contact PHI for a quote or questions via or call 800-791-3400.

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